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And Off We Go…

June 5, 2014

Hello World.  This post and this blog in general have been a long time in the making.  For a long time, I have had a brain chock full of opinions, thoughts, anecdotes, trivial factoids and other minutia from the genre of sports, as well as other realms.  Yet, only my close friends and my poor wife have been subjected to these pearls of wisdom and witlessness (other than some wanton Twitter and Facebook rants)…until now.

As many know, I have been going through a career transition, from retail and industrial sales to sports journalism.  My goal is to graduate with a communications degree from Indiana University Northwest and land a play-by-play broadcasting job.  So far, I am expecting to graduate within the next couple of years, and already I am gaining valuable experience broadcasting the IUN RedHawks basketball games on internet radio and TV (and adding volleyball this fall).  To help the process along, I also cover high school sports for the NWI Post-Tribune.  It’s safe to say that so far, my transition is going swimmingly!

This blog is the next step in the process.  Truth be told, this post has been a longer time in the making than the actual blog, as apparently somewhere along the way I previously signed up for WordPress.  Perhaps WordPress has been suggesting that the world has been more eager to learn my thoughts than I even imagined.  Only time will tell.

I expect to be primarily focused on sports, with my tastes hedging toward Chicago pro teams, Big Ten football and basketball, and major pro sports, with thoughts regarding my travels through Northwest Indiana’s prep scene. But, as those who know me can attest, I have many other diverse affinities that are liable to show up here.

So stay tuned, and please feel free to give me feedback.  Communicators love feedback, unless it’s coming through the headset!



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